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Listen to our free podcasts and learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish or Chinese on the go, where and when it suits you. Online courses Take the next step and sign up for a course on the Coffee Break Academy, accessing video materials, lesson notes and bonus audio content. Click ” Top Podcasts” (handily enough, many languages don't translate podcasts and may not even translate Top). This is on the left in my interface.

Explore Resources. Videos Swahili Kiswahili · Swedish Svenska Sample Text. Font Size.

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Our virtual characters read text aloud naturally in over 25 languages. Use our text to speach (txt 2 speech) tool to test speech voices.

Swedish podcast with text

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Swedish podcast with text

The show follows topics on coffee, popular Swedish pastry and their origins, traditions and celebrations, and her life experiences living in Stockholm. Learn a Swedish word with translations in both English and Malay each week. Sveriges idag största humortrio JLC (Jonas Fagerström, Lucas Simonsson och Carl Dèman) grundades 2016 i Göteborg. Gruppen har gjort sig kända för sina träffsäkra sketcher och förmåga att skapa viral humor för flera miljoner svenskar dagligen.

This podcast is perfect for those of you who dig creepypasta. It’s a collection of creepy tales in Swedish with a fantastic creator who makes the transcripts available online. The language is a bit specific but if creepypasta is your scene then you’re likely to need to know the difference between a “spöke” (ghost) and an “ande” (spirit). Transcribe Swedish audio. Sonix has been reviewed as the best automated speech-to-text software on the market. Whether you narrate stories, conduct audio or video interviews, or have your own podcast, Sonix can transcribe your files in less than 6 minutes.
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In this blog post, I will explore the difference between internal and external On Wednesday Swedish Radio begins offering news in Swedish for beginners, or "easy Swedish." The service, "Radio Sweden på lätt svenska," will publish articles on a website and offer a podcast Here you can find the Spotify list „Pop på svenska“, Pop in Swedish. 2. Listen to Swedish Radio and Podcasts. Listen to daily conversations in Swedish slang and get to know more than just the dry text book Swedish.

Pfizers podcast – Hjärta & Kärl. Välkommen till Pfizers podcastsändningar inom Hjärta-Kärl området. Här har du möjlighet att lyssna på spännande gäster som  The first podcast is with professor Katja Gillander-Gådin. The topic is why young people increasingly feel worse in school.
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If you want: read the text online, or listen to the Swedish podcast version of the conversation. Dagens största nyheter, de finlandssvenska samtalsämnena och mycket mer.

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You can choose what app you want to use, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PodBean or Castbox. Subscribe to the “New in Sweden” podcast. You can subscribe to our podcast. When you subscribe, all of the new episodes come to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Click the subscribe button in the podcast app you use. This is an English version of the Swedish Radio show ”Vinter i P1” with Johan Rockström.